Property Management

PLP is a West Coast-based property management company. Our focus is to maximize ROI. Our experience, market knowledge, technology driven platform, and intellectual resources help us customize and execute a management plan for each property to meet the specific investment strategy of the ownership.

Renovation Services

We have the capacity to undertake both large and small renovation projects. A formal estimating process, including price comparisons with outside vendors, is conducted to secure the most reasonable pricing for each project. Savings are realized by providing a range of services at costs lower than contractor rates, while offering on-site reliability, consistency and timeliness. PLP's regional maintenance supervisors are skilled in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work.

Management Platform Benefits

Our sophisticated software provides accurate, timely information that allows our on-site teams to focus on retaining residents and building prospect relationships, instead of filling out reports. We use strategic, key performance indicators and customized reporting to make educated decisions to optimize property performance.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources division ensures the proper utilization of our most valuable resources--our team members. We believe that in order for PLP to be efficient and productive, we need to hire high quality employees, motivate them to achieve high levels of productivity, and provide an exciting work environment with growth opportunity


We have the resources to recruit and retain high-caliber, on-site team members to help ensure the success of a multifamily asset. PLP employees participate in comprehensive training programs. Our mission is simple--educate, support, and motivate our team members.

Revenue Enhancement

A dedicated revenue manager and unique rent analysis process allows our team to continually monitor conditions and implement changes needed to improve a property's revenue stream. We keep our pulse on the market, and quickly make changes as needed.

Marketing Support

While many companies off load marketing to on-site teams, PLP maintains its own expert marketing department. Our cohesive, multi-channel approach results in more traffic at less cost and includes a unique pay-per-click program, SEO, analytics, website management, social media and reputation management assistance, and marketing material development. We combine new technology and marketing to ensure a 100% focus on result-oriented metrics to improve maximum rents and absorption.

Resident Surveys / Reviews

The performance of our site team is assessed by financial performance and feedback from our residents. We have an electronic email system in place to survey all move-ins, work orders, and move-outs, along with an annual portfolio-wide resident survey. These surveys allow our management teams to take constructive feedback and improve the living experience for each of our residents.