Consulting Services

PLP offers a wide array of consulting services for our clients.

Due Diligence

Our team performs property audits, physical inspections, and analyzes property and market data to ensure that we fully evaluate the physical, demographic, market and operational components to ensure all information has been reviewed and analyzed to ensure proper decisions can be made by ownership.

Investment Analysis

The economy and markets are ever-changing. It is critical to understand complexities and nuances. Because we understand the principles of sound investing, we focus solely on West Coast markets that we are confident offer future upside potential. Our regional expertise allows us a depth of understanding that is not possible from economic data alone. This gives us an edge to source and evaluate deals, so we can find the right real estate to acquire. We can assist with your acquisition strategy, to maximize opportunities for value enhancement.


A key element of any sound investment strategy is creating the right financial structure for the investment. Cash flow, risk tolerance, hold term, and exit strategy are just some of the critical components we look at when assisting our clients.

Asset Management

Apartments are management intensive. Many times opportunities exist to gain substantial upside as a result of mismanagement. By deploying the right management plan, capital, and strategic marketing, we can create significant upside.